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June 7, 2012
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Rose was the exactly perfect combination of Weasley and Granger; she was tall for her age, but not too terribly gangly, with red hair that fell just past her shoulders in small rings. She'd had the unfortunate luck of inheriting Hermione's over-sized front teeth, but that hardly seemed to bother her - her happiness may have stemmed from the fact that, unlike her brother and several of her cousins, she'd been fortunate enough to miss out on the trademark Weasley freckles.

Scorp always loved looking at her. He couldn't understand why their parents were enemies when he, Rose and Al all got along so smashingly. Still... There were always times when Scorpius could see Rose's Weasley blood boiling up. Like whenever she got into trouble, she'd insist it was the professor's fault, not hers. Detentions were wrongly assigned to her and if she didn't understand a spell (which was rare, but possible), it was entirely the fault of the spell itself and not Rose.

For all her intelligence, Rose lacked many of the same qualities as her father before her - namely, tact. She'd barge into any room without a moment of thought, declare the first thing on her mind and jump quickly and hotly to conclusions. She was never the first to forgive, but always to the first to forget. She greeted her friends with happy shouts of, "Cheers!" and her enemies with threats of physical abuse. Hermione always scolded her for this and told her to get her temper under control. Ron always laughed, ruffled her hair and told her not to get into too much trouble.

Yet somehow, for all her hotheadedness and inability to think ahead, she was always managing to get them out of trouble. How many times had she come bursting in to Professor Borsch's office when he was scolding Scorpius and Al, declared something to be completely valid, when in fact it held not a grain of truth inside it? Scorp couldn't even count. But it wasn't Professor Borsch's fault; every teacher was smitten with Rose. Or so it seemed. Professor Slughorn, who had reached the healthy, happy age of 124 just last year, was so delighted with her gift of crystallized pineapple and a hand basket of odd assortments (all of which were either highly expensive or simply very, very interesting), he gave her top marks for the rest of the semester.

Rose had a way with people. Some, namely Slytherin's and Scorpius' father, would have called her manipulative. But Scorp knew it ran deeper than just a superficial bat of the eyelashes and few pursed pink lips. Rose's talent wasn't manipulation - it was that sometimes, you just wanted so badly to please her that you would do anything for her. Both Scorp and Al had fallen for her tricks more than once. Yet she always found a way to pay you back. She'd label all of Jupiter's moons for you on an Astronomy paper or she'd offer to do your research for that terrible essay Professor Binns assigned. She was faithful. That was her redeeming quality - she was faithful to the bitter end.

Like when Scorpius had shown up at her home two years ago on Christmas eve and told her that his father had forbidden his return until he renounced his friendship with her and Al. She'd taken him in with open arms, battled admirably with Mr. Malfoy over who Scorpius was allowed to be friends with and spent hours muttering under her breath the curses she'd like to perform on the old warlock. Though, of course, she'd meant no offense.

She was a fair dueler, though not nearly as good as Albus' mother. Ginny knocked her precious niece flat on her arse more than once and took spells with something a little less than good grace - more like bitter acceptance. Scorp loved the moments Rose trumped adults. They filled him with pride, as though it was his teachings that had made Rose who she was. But he could hardly take credit for Rose's hard work, determination and raw skill - all of which she had and used with leniency.  

Rose was something else, something most Weasley's had never set eyes on before. Everyone expected, from her brown eyes framed by pretty pink glasses to her dark red curls, that she would be more Granger than anything else. But books were for enjoyment, not teaching - Rose had made that decision at a very young age. There was nothing she could learn from a book that a classroom experience couldn't teach her just as well. Hermione turned her nose up at this view, but never voiced her distaste for it - she was determined to let Rose figure things out on her own. Even if that meant getting knocked on her arse by her aunt. Repeatedly.

The Definition of Rose Weasleyby Antique-and-Fragile

Literature / Characters & Settings / Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Profiles©2012-2014 Antique-and-Fragile
not entirely sure what to put this under, but i figure literature is as good a category as any.

this is what i believe Rose Weasley is - the exact perfect mixture of Weasley and Granger blood. it's told in the realm in which Scorpius is sorted into Gryffindor and he, Albus and Rose are all best friends. it's his (my) view on what Rose is like. she's not Ron's daughter or Hermione's daughter and she's not 'Another Weasley', but she certainly isn't considered the brightest witch of her age. to Scorpius (whom i imagine would develop a small crush on Rose very early on the in [non-existent] series), she is everything he wishes he could be. they would be compatible in the same way Harry and Hermione were compatible, but at the same time they would love each other very, very deeply. it would be a friendship sort of romance that would remain intact through sheer love. very romantic on Scorpius' side and very friendly on Rose's (which isn't to say she wouldn't love him as much, but simply to say she would love him differently).

i needed to get that out. she went from being my least favorite of the NextGen to becoming the one i want to be. seriously. if JKR ever makes a NextGen of Harry Potter, i so badly want to play Rose. :XD: neeeeever gonna happen, but a girl can dream. :)

oh, and Professor Borsch (which is pronounced BORE-sh) is the Tranfiguration teacher who took over for McGonagall after she retired. I always imagined Neville would become Headmaster after that and he would have to deal with the constant nagging of Professor Snape's portrait hanging in his office :giggle:. It's funny; i got so into the series of Harry Potter, i even made NextGen teachers to replace the others as they retired. i have waaaay too much time on my hands.
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